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You guys know how much I love intelligent humor.  I just recently discovered Nick Thune and from what I can tell he’s a genius.  If you grew up during the Instant Messaging craze then this will deffinitely make you laugh.  Plug in your head phones and reminisque 🙂



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Below is a list of random sayings that have gotten me out of some of life’s toughest situations.  I would feel as though I were doing you all a disservice by not sharing these time-tested bits of wisdom with you.  I hope they bless your soul as much as they have mine.


  1. You can’t triple stamp a double stamp.
  2. Contrary to popular opinion, a 5-ounce bird can NOT carry a 1-pound coconut.
  3. The only things you should fear in life are carnies.
  4. Jerry Garcia did not have a brother named Barry Garcia.
  5. There are very reliable ways of telling whether someone is a witch.
  6. A persons level of aspirations is directly proportional to the amount of ‘flare’ one displays on his/her clothing.
  7. Rice-A-Roni is not just a San Francisco treat anymore.
  8. Being a limo driver allows you to bypass airport security.
  9. There’s a place in New York that has the best coffee in the world.
  10. That John Denver was full of crap!


I’d love to hear any similar words of wisdom that have become life principles for you!

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