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You guys know how much I love intelligent humor.  I just recently discovered Nick Thune and from what I can tell he’s a genius.  If you grew up during the Instant Messaging craze then this will deffinitely make you laugh.  Plug in your head phones and reminisque 🙂



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Below is a list of random sayings that have gotten me out of some of life’s toughest situations.  I would feel as though I were doing you all a disservice by not sharing these time-tested bits of wisdom with you.  I hope they bless your soul as much as they have mine.


  1. You can’t triple stamp a double stamp.
  2. Contrary to popular opinion, a 5-ounce bird can NOT carry a 1-pound coconut.
  3. The only things you should fear in life are carnies.
  4. Jerry Garcia did not have a brother named Barry Garcia.
  5. There are very reliable ways of telling whether someone is a witch.
  6. A persons level of aspirations is directly proportional to the amount of ‘flare’ one displays on his/her clothing.
  7. Rice-A-Roni is not just a San Francisco treat anymore.
  8. Being a limo driver allows you to bypass airport security.
  9. There’s a place in New York that has the best coffee in the world.
  10. That John Denver was full of crap!


I’d love to hear any similar words of wisdom that have become life principles for you!

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It was a rare occasion that I watched Dr. Phil the other day.  He was counseling parents who had out-of-control kids.  You know, the ones that are always in line next to you at Wal-Mart?  Apparently these parents were well off financially.  Their houses were very nice and they drove nice cars.  One of the things they would do to appease their children was buy them basically anything they wanted, toys clothes, electronics, etc.  I think one 12 year old had an iPhone.  I admit I was jealous.


But Dr. Phil said something that really connected with me.  He said pacifying is one of the most selfish acts a parent can engage in.  Indulging children to get them to behave or act nicely towards you is more about meeting the parent’s needs than its is out of concern for the child.  Dr. Phil said ultimately your hurting the child by not teaching them boundaries and moderation, etc.  The more the parent indulges, the worse the child develops socially.


This goes great with what I read yesterday in Hebrews.  The writer was saying that God disciplines who he loves.  And that if a father cares for his son, he’ll discipline him.  In fact, the writer says those who are not disciplined are like illegitimate children.  Historians say that many Roman noblemen of this time had illegitimate children that didn’t receive the same education and military discipline that legitimate children did.  Discipline was a privilege!


There is something intimate about discipline that we tend to overlook.  The word discipline definitely doesn’t carry intimate tones.  I think the negative connotation comes when we think of discipline solely as correction for wrong actions.  But the author of Hebrews uses the term in relationship to athletics.  Discipline is training, not unlike a runner or a football player. God is our coach.  Discipline is the loving act of exercising our character to bring us to spiritual maturity.  When we take time to see the results of discipline (or the lack of discipline) we see that it really is a loving act. 


So, (as usual) I had to ask myself:

What spiritual disciplines am I engaging in at the moment?

How do I respond when God tries to stretch me or teach me a lesson?

Do I see training and discipline as a privilege?  Or as a burden?


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Today I found out some wonderful news.  No Victoria is not pregnant (I hope not).  I found out that one of my favorite characters from my second favorite sitcom of all time, Arrested Development, is a Christian.  Somehow I missed this before.  Not sure how.  Usually when I ‘get into something’ I research it extensively (meaning I look it up on Wikipedia).  But I overlooked this interesting fact before. 


While ‘researching’ the show, I found out that Tony Hale who plays the part of Buster Bluth, is a Christian. You may have also seen Tony in Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. Tony also founded The Haven in NYC which is a group of professional Christian artists.  The website even lists members of the group, which I must say is a pretty brave thing to do given Hollywood’s anti-Christian attitude. 


In one interview Tony was discussing one of his favorite scenes where Buster, the child-like grownup, uncharacteristically uses a string of foul words that are ‘beeped’ out.  He says he had two or three words he would repeat over and over.  He said the crew even joked with him about not cussing. 


What I find amazing is that Tony was able maintain Christian values and still play an amazing character on one of TV’s best sitcoms ever.  He was also nominated for a few big awards for his acting on the show.  Tony is of a breed of Christians that are trying to redeem the arts for Christ, rather than remove themselves from something that has been corrupted.  Its our responsibility as Christians to engage in culture and transform it.  Not to hide in bomb shelters in Wyoming and pray for the best.  I hope one day I get to meet Tony and thank him for two things: playing such an incredible part as Buster and being a voice for Christianity in a dark world.

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I found out something about myself last night.  I kinda knew it already.  I just didn’t want to admit it.  One of my favorite shows to watch is used to be Jeopardy.  Its rare that I get to watch Jeopardy as my wife hates it.  But if I do watch it, its usually with her.  We’re still newly weds so we don’t even like to watch t.v. in seperate rooms yet. 



I’m pretty good at Jeopardy.  I answer a lot of the questions.  A lot of my answers are good guesses. 


Last night Victoria met a friend at Starbucks so I was home to watch Jeopardy (then Idol) by myself.  About 5 minutes into the first round I was getting a lot of the answers right.  But it just didn’t feel as good as it does when Victoria’s sitting there next to me saying (sarcastically), ‘Oh sweetie, you’re so smart.’  Then I realized how much of my enjoyment of watching Jeopardy came from showing someone else just how smart I could be.  I’ve always had a problem with seeking the approval of others, but I thought I was getting better at this.  I guess I’ve got a ways to go. 


I’m so glad to know that even if I never got any of the answers right on Jeopardy, my wife would still love me.  That her love for me is not based off of my performance.  She just loves me.  In fact, she’ll probably love me more now that I don’t want to watch Jeopardy as much!  I’m so glad God loves this way.  I’m glad our relationship is less like an employer/employee relationship and more like a parent/child relationship.


For more reading on this subject from much better writers, check out two of my favorite books:

  Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller   


 The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

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Here’s a quick list of books, music and movies I’ve recently read, re-read, purchased, watched, re-watched….blah, blah, blah:


  Einstein by Walter Isaacson – Excellent.  A basic knowledge of physics is almost necessary to read this, but hey, its Einstein!

   Beautiful Boy by David Sheff – Great memoir by a father about his son’s meth addiction.  Bring the Kleenex!

 Then We Came to the End by Josh Ferris – A novel in The Office-style that looks into the lives of corporate America.  Pretty funny at times. 


Jay Clifford’s Driving Blind – Amazing!  If you liked Jump you’ll love Jay’s solo stuff.

Counting CrowsSaturday Night & Sunday Mornings – CC like you’ve never heard them before and like you’ve heard them before.  Well written album. 

There Will Be blood – Myeh…the jury is still out on this one.  Two things for sure:  the music makes the movie and where the music lacks, Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano make up for in acting.  Amazing acting.

Arrested Development: Season 2 : It just gets better and better each season.

Baby Mama: Hmmm, funny, but predictable.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the modern Felix and Oscar.







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