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number 7[9]I was always told that what made Abraham in the Bible so interesting was that he was the first monotheist, the first to believe in one God.  I’m not convinced he was the first to believe in one God, but the first to worship only one God.


I guess being a Christian, most days I only worship one God.  But I do have to make a confession.  I’ve been guilty of worshiping other gods, a lot of them.  I just want to share a few…


7 gods I’ve worshiped:


#7.  things and stuff

Every good American likes things and stuff.  Its the American dream to grow up and make stuff so you can buy lots of things.  And its not just things and stuff, its really big things and lots of stuff.  I’ve even read that the poorest American has like 100 times the stuff as people in poorer nations.  Being surrounded by all our stuff we fail to realize is the degree to which we are in love with our stuff…and our things.


As a Christian and I even tried spiritualize my love for things and stuff.  I would say, “Well, Jesus wants me to be happy”, which really meant, “He wants me to have lots of stuff and nice things.”  At least that’s what I learned from Christian TV and 12-step self-help books.  


That was until I read a story about a guy who had so much stuff that he had to build bigger things to put his stuff in (Luke 12:16-21).  He had more things and more stuff than he could ever need.  In the end God ended up killing the guy because he was in love with his stuff…and his things.


I like to think I’ve learned my lesson, and I no longer worship things and stuff.  But sometimes this god finds its way back into my life.  And that’s just one of the gods I’ve worshiped.  


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Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Its not because I’m short on things to say.  School starting, new job, and church planting are keeping us busy.  I have some (in my opinion) very interesting posts for the near future.  But in the  mean time enjoy this video by a childhood friend, Ryan Edgar.  

Ryan leads worship at Gateway Community Church in Dallas, TX and has been a backup for Israel Houghton.  He’s an amazing vocalist.  Find him on iTunes and support him if you like what you hear.



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New site…

Here’s a link to my photoblog.  Its a work in progress.  Enjoy!


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but thanks to everyone who has inquired about why I haven’t blogged in almost a month.  With the move to Chattanooga, grad school and recent computer problems (i.e. not having one), I’ve been unable to blog.  However, I’ve got some good posts written down on paper…yes, actual paper.  I can’t wait to share them with you.  Hopefully, I’ll be back on track in about a week (when I get my computer back from the evil corporation that shall remain nameless).

God bless,

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like hugging, smiling, and dancing!!!!!!

Check out this video: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap080722.html

I dare you not to smile.

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As some of you may already know my wife and I are making a (risky) move from Charleston, SC to Chattanooga, TN.  No, we’re not crazy.  No, we’re not in the witness protection agency.  We feel God has opened up the door for me to continue my masters degree in Chattanooga.  Along with that, we will be teaming up with some dear friends of ours to help launch a new church in the Chattanooga area. 


Ryan and Selina May along with their 2 week old baby, Gannon, will be leading a team of approximately 30 (so far) to launch The Net Church next January.  We met Ryan and Selina when they led our premarital counseling class in June ’07.  We fell in love with them before they ever asked us to join The Net and waaaaay before we ever said yes.


Ryan is an extremely talented, hilarious, relevant, and spirit led communicator.  Click here to see one of his latest sermons.  Ryan and Selina have been on staff at Seacoast Church for a few years now and have experienced first hand how a healthy church operates.  Not only is Ryan a great communicator with some valuable experience, he’s also a creative nerd like myself (but much better at it than I am).  Check out ifyouhatechurch.com, a website Ryan created that we’re using to promote The Net (or it can be used to promote any church for that matter).  But that’s just half of it.  I must say Selina is as adorable and sweet as Ryan is creative and funny.  Victoria and I look forward to learning a lot from these two during our stint at The Net.


If you know of anyone in the Chattanooga area that is unchurched, dechurhced, excommunicated, hated or unwanted please direct them to The Net via the website, or mine or Ryan’s blog. 


Finally, Ryan and Selina are just two of a number of our friends that are sacrificing their lives to plant new and progressive churches.  In the next few months I hope to be able to highlight more of our friends that are taking this challenge so that you can support them through any means possible.  As for now, The Net appreciates any and all prayers you can send its way.

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I started a new blog.  Why?  Just read the title of this blog.  This is my May 1st resolution.  Yeah, I have those.

new management

Click here to see posts from my old blog.

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